Teachings of Judaism from the Chassidic Rebbes. 

Date:               Sundays, 7:30 am                                                                                                                                                    Mondays-Fridays, 6:15 am
Instructor:        Rabbi Dovid Rechavel  
Location:         CLTC
Contact:          414-828-9926

Date:               Saturdays, 9:00 am   
Instructor:        Rabbi Yossi Bassman  
Location:         CLTC
Contact:          414-316-4775

Date:               Sundays, 11:15 am 
Instructor:        Mrs. B. Devorah Shmotkin 
Location:         CLTC
Contact:          414-961-6100

Women's Tanya Class  
An introduction to the idea and structure of the book Tanya.  

Date:               Wednesdays, 8:15 am
Instructor:        Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin
Location:         CLTC
Contact:          414-316-4645