Glendale Eruv Status as of April 6, 2024: Eruv is currently UP.

*The Eruv is checked every Friday and the website is update weekly.

Approximate boundaries for the Eruv are as follows:

East: I-43

North: Brown Deer Rd

West: Diagonal direction of Wisc Energy Towers and lines that parallel railroad right of way east of Teutonia.

South: Railroad line trestle and hill just north of Bender Rd. near Mill Rd.

What is an Eruv?
An Eruv, in modern terminology, is a technical boundary that allows Jews to carry in public areas on Shabbat.


*The Bayside Eruv and Glendale Eruv no longer connect even though they are close to one another.  For more info about the Bayside Eruv click here.

*The Rav HaMachshir for the Glendale Eruv is Rabbi Mendel Senderovic, Rosh Kollel of the Milwaukee Kollel