10 Commandments for Davening (praying) alone on Shabbat

1) Remember and do not forget, you are the rabbi, chazzan (cantor), congregation (and candy man/woman) who will lead your family. Those with children, let your children know in a pleasant way what the schedule will be.

2) You shall not dress as you would on vacation. You shall not wear sweats, or pajamas nor flip flops. Men, pull your pants up and tuck in your shirt.

3) You shall prepare (print out before Shabbat) some ideas for a Dvar Torah (Torah thoughts) on the Parsha. Here’s a good place to start!

4) Remember Shabbos to make it holy. Prepare the space before Shabbos. There should be places for the you (and your child/ren) to sit at a table with their siddur (prayer book). Prepare siddurs and Chumashim (Torah reading) for everyone - preferably not the same table you will be eating on. Cover the table with a table cloth.

5) Prepare yourself before davening. Learn a short Torah thought, and if possible, with your spouse too. (Depending on children, share with them what you are learning. Even if you it is while they are having their special Shabbat cereal.)

6) Prepare your Tehillim (psalms) for after davening. Make sure to say a few chapters on Shabbat.

7) Begin the same time our Shabbat minyan begins (9:30). Let everyone in the house know what time you will begin. Start on time. This may be your new reality for a while. Having a schedule is imperative.

8) Recite the words of davening (prayer) carefully. Remember, people always complain that they can’t keep up. This week, no excuses. Take one or two of the paragraphs and think about what you are saying. Speak to G‑d from the heart.

9) After shacharis (morning prayer), learn the Parsha together. Sit down around the table. (If you need, make a time limit depending on the age and patience of the child/ren. Go around the table and everyone read a section. Focus on parts that are interesting or concepts that you find meaningful and think may resonate with them.

10) Finish strong… don’t let musaf trickle away. Sing ain Kelokienu, Aleinu, Al Tirah together!

For those who need to borrow a Siddur(s) Chumash(es) and or Tehillim(s) please let us know. We will be available for you to pick up by appointment.