Community Torah Dedication Celebration - Chabad of Glendale
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As the final commandment recorded in the Five Books of Moses, the precept of writing a Sefer Torah is incumbent upon every Jew. Indeed, fulfilling this mitzvah is reckoned as an awesome source of merit and blessing in one's life. Though only select individuals have the skill and expertise to actually write a Torah, one may fulfill one's Biblical obligation by sponsoring a Sofer (qualified scribe) to write a Torah on one's behalf. Those not in the position of underwriting the cost of an entire Torah may choose to sponsor a single book, portion, chapter, verse, or even letter within a communally-written Torah.

As a communal Torah, the zechus - the privilege and opportunity - of partnering in the sacred endeavor is given to each and every individual in the community, strengthening our bond to one another through the Torah.