Early Shabbos!
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Dear Friend,

This Shabbat is called Shabbat Hagadol – the Great Shabbat, because of the Great Miracles that happened during the year of our exodus from Egypt.

The Jewish people were commanded by Moses to take a lamb and tie it to their bedposts on Shabbat, the 10th day of Nissan, five days before they were to leave Egypt. 

When the Egyptians inquired by the Jews why they were buying lambs en masse, they were told that these lambs were intended for the Paschal Offering, which would be sacrificed in preparation of the Plague of the Firstborn. This information rattled the Egyptian firstborn, who immediately insisted that Pharaoh grant the Jews the liberty they demanded. When Pharaoh refused their request, the Egyptian firstborn waged war with Pharaoh's army, and many Egyptians who were guilty of atrocities against the Jews were killed on that day.

The uniqueness and greatness of this miracle, that makes it stand apart from other miracles, is the fact the enemy itself started to fight rebelliously against itself. 

It’s like the ‘darkness’ started to turn inward and fight itself, starting the process of reversing the ‘darkness into light’. 

This is a greater miracle that vanquishing the enemy using and outside force. This is about using the force of the enemy itself to vanquish the enemy. 

Usual ‘miracles’, like the other plagues Hashem sent against the Egyptians, were outside forces battling the Egyptians by showing them the strength and might of the Almighty.

The miracle of the in-fighting among the Egyptians, had much greater symbolism. 

It was the enemy fighting the enemy. The beginning of a process that will be completed during the Messianic advent where darkness itself transforms to light.

We can and must beseech G‑d to reveal His omnipotent power of healing and salvation. We pray for the type of miracle that happened to our people on this very Shabbat on this very date 3332 years ago.

And then we must pray that as we exited the Egyptian exile on Thursday the first day of Pesach so many years ago so may we exit THIS exile on or before Wednesday night, the first day of Passover!

Here is a very inspiring piece of info: The day/date set-up i.e. the day of the week that this miracle took place was Shabbat. And the day of the Hebrew month was 10th of Nissan.  This was the way it was in year 2448 from creation, the year of exodus, and that is the same day/date configuration as it is in our calendars this year 5780 from creation. This Shabbat (tonight/tomorrow) is also the 10th of Nissan.

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May the miracles abound, may the sickness self-destroy.

May the Jewish people be blessed to be able to celebrate a HEALTHY HAPPY PASSOVER,

May the world at large be blessed with healing from the pandemic and salvation from the economic earthquakes threatening the entire world.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin

PS. I urge you to take the Shabbat gift that G‑d has given you, and UNPLUG for the Shabbat (which is why our Synagogues all across the world are closed until the situation gets healthier).

PPS This Sunday is the Rebbe’s birthday, the Rebbe would be turning 118 this year. If you want to treat yourself to something special, perhaps in honor of our dear Rebbe’s birthday, clear forty minutes from your schedule and watch the inspiring and uplifting, collection of videos, anecdotes and clips from the Rebbe as he addressed situations of illness, danger and fear. Beautifully woven together by Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin director of Jewish Educational Media.  CLICK HERE FOR THE JEM PRESENTATION

A Message Concering Covid 19 from Milwaukee Rabbis
As we continue to deal with the developing COVID-19 situation and we are all adjusting to this new reality, we must live our lives following essential guidelines. There are confirmed caeses in the Jewish community in Milwaukee. People's lives are in danger, and each of us is halachically obligated to protect ourselves, our family and our community.

As Pesach approchaes, it is crucial for everyone to adhere to strict guidelines of social distancing. Every Jew must support the directives of health professionals that travel to other cities must be canceled, whether to vacation venues (Florida, etc.) or to family. Everyone must celebrate Pesach where they currently are.

Nobody in our community should host out of town guests. This means that even married children, parents, and grandparents, or anyone that does not absolutely need to come, should not visit for Yom Tov. We urge the community not to have any guests at all, even from in-town. No play dates should be held between families who are not living in the same house. 

At this time, absolutely no minyanim should be help, whether in a shul, a home, outdoors, or any other location. Holding a minyan at this time severely undermines efforts at containment, and puts lives in danger.

We urge one and all - while stricly maintaining the prescribed guidelines- to look out for each other by reaching out to and providing for each other, especially those living alone. We hope and pray at tin the merit of our sincere Tefillos Hashem will swiftly remove this plague from the world and bless us all with health, peace and tranquility.

Passover Schedule
Tuesday, April 7 - 
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Wednesday, April 8
Eating, Selling & Burning of Chometz
Finish eating before: 10:41 AM
Finish burning & selling by: 11:47 AM

Wednesday Eve, Thursday & Friday, April 8, 9 & 10
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Thursday, April 9,  AFTER NIGHTFALL 
Begin the   “Counting of the Omer”

Saturday, April 11,  AFTER NIGHTFALL
Shabbat & the first days of Yom Tov End
intermediate days begin 8:16 PM

Tuesday EVE, Wednesday & Thursday April 14, 15 & 16 
Last days of Yom Tov
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Thursday, April 16 
Passover ends at nightfall, 8:22 PM

Early Shabbos!
Tune in to  CLTC's Facebook page at 1p today for Rabbi Shmotkin's weekly replacement sermon.

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This weeks kiddush was going to be sponsored by the Dykhne's in honor of Yelena's birthday - Happy Birthday Yelena! Let's all raise a l'chaim in her honor.

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Parshat Tzav

G‑d instructs Moses to  command Aaron and his sons regarding their duties and rights as kohanim (“priests”) who offer the  korbanot (animal and meal offerings) in the Sanctuary.

The  fire on the altar must be kept burning at all times. In it are burned the wholly consumed ascending offering; veins of  fat from the peace, sin and guilt offerings; and the “ handful” separated from the  meal offering.

The kohanim eat the meat of the sin and guilt offerings, and the remainder of the meal offering. The peace offering is eaten by the one who brought it, except for specified portions given to the kohen. The holy meat of the offerings must be eaten by ritually pure  persons, in their designated holy  place and within their specified  time.

Aaron and his sons remain within the Sanctuary compound for  seven days, during which Moses  initiates them into the priesthood.

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