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Early Shabbos!
Tune in to  CLTC's Facebook page at 1p today for Rabbi Shmotkin's weekly replacement sermon.

Dear Friend,

Our synagogue remains closed as a precaution to protect the health of all the members of our community. This is an unfortunate situation, and we hope and pray for this pandemic to end and for all those who are sick to be speedily healed.

This Shabbat is an amazing opportunity. Your home is your synagogue. You are the Rabbi, Rebbetzin, Cantor and Torah Reader. If you don't usually keep Shabbat fully, try to do it this Shabbat.

Here is what to do:

  • Before candle lighting time (see above), light your Shabbat candles (a special time for prayer).
  • Preceding your Shabbat meal make Kiddush, a blessing over wine declaring Shabbat holy.
  • Enjoy your Shabbat meal (share a Jewish thought, story or lesson).
  • Experience Shabbat's holiness by refraining from cooking and using electronics.
  • Use a Siddur or take a moment to pray from your heart. Make your home a place to connect with G‑d.

We've included links below for more tips and guides on how to celebrate Shabbat at home - we hope you find it useful!

With heartfelt prayers for a happy and healthy Shabbat for all,

Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin

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Early Shabbos!
Tune in to CLTC's Facebook page at 1p today for Rabbi Shmotkin's weekly replacement sermon.

Seder Alert
Does the Coronavirus have you stuck at home for Passover, isolated from family and friends? Not sure how to celebrate? We’re here to help. We're offering Seder-to-Go kits and Passover DIY tools, for every Jew in the Milwaukee area leading a Passover Seder for the first time, whether in quarantine or otherwise. Sign up here.

Sell Your Chometz
A quick and easy way for you to sell your chometz, is to click here. Fill out the form and we will take care of the rest. Just make sure you do it by Wednesday, April 8 at 9:00 AM

Chabad CARE's - Community Assistance and Relief Efforts -COVID 19 Help
Lubavitch of Wisconsin is taking protective measures to provide our community with support. We will be available to deliver food and supplies and make welfare checks for those in need. If you or someone you know is in need of help, please fill out this form to get help, if you would like to volunteer to help, click here.


10 Tips for Preparing for Shabbat While Social Distancing

10 Tips for Preparing for Shabbat While Social Distancing

Coronavirus got you quarantined? Here’s how you’re gonna make it through Shabbat like a pro!

By Menachem Posner

How to Pray the Shabbat Prayers at Home

How to Pray the Shabbat Prayers at Home

While you may be unable to attend services due to quarantine or canceled services, you can still pray.

By Mordechai Rubin

How to Cook for Shabbat While Social Distancing

How to Cook for Shabbat While Social Distancing

Whether you’re in official quarantine or social distancing to stay safe, your Shabbat may look very different from usual this week.

By Miriam Szokovski


Parshat Vayikra

G‑d  calls to  Moses from the  Tent of Meeting, and communicates to him the laws of the  korbanot, the  animal and meal offerings brought in the Sanctuary. These include:

• The “ascending offering” (olah) that is wholly raised to G‑d by the  fire atop the altar;

• Five varieties of “meal offering” ( minchah) prepared with fine flour, olive oil and frankincense;

• The  “peace offering”(shelamim), whose meat was eaten by the one bringing the offering, after parts are burned on the altar and parts are given to the kohanim (priests);

• The different types of “sin offering” (chatat) brought to atone for  transgressions committed erroneously by the high priest, the entire community, the king or the ordinary Jew;

• The  “guilt offering”(asham) brought by one who has misappropriated property of the Sanctuary, who is in  doubt as to whether he transgressed a divine prohibition, or who has committed a “betrayal against G‑d” by swearing falsely to defraud a  fellow man.


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